How to work from home?

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Title: How to work from home?

Best work from home jobs you can do online. Real work from home careers and online jobs.


The Internet has really changed the game. You no longer have to go to the office to earn money. Below you can even see the list of jobs you can do from home. There are so many ways for you to earn a steady income never leaving your house, or otherwise constantly traveling. The only things you need to have are your computer, internet access, and skills in some area. Although it sounds too good this is not in any way a scam. There are a lot of people who are freelancing, according to a 2017 study from Upwork and Freelancers Union - nearly 50 percent of millennials. Want to join them?


Here are some best online jobs you can try yourself at:


Freelance Writer

Are you good with words? Do you like writing? And you want to work from home? Why don't you try being a freelance writer? Every news page needs a content maker, someone who can write whatever they want. Although many big websites have in-house writers, some smaller websites are constantly hiring for the exact jobs. You can look for those jobs on sites like, and Media Bistro. To get a good offer you need to have an impressive portfolio so work on this first. Working as a freelance writer you can earn at least $150 per article.



Unlike all the other jobs being a blogger means working for yourself all the time. You have to constantly monitor your progress, build up your audience, and stay interesting to your followers. It’s always rough at the start. A lot of bloggers don’t make a lot or make nothing for a few first years. If you have potential you can work it up and start making good money by monetizing your long term project.


Social Media Manager

Every self respecting business has a social media page these days. They are constantly hiring specialists to run the pages for them. If you are good with social media you can be that person. You need to know how to create content, make visuals and promote your client’s social media pages. This job pays good money and you don’t need anything but the internet access. The hourly rates range between $15-$75.



Do you know any foreign languages? Consider working as an online translator. Usually job offers like these are listed on different freelancers websites we’ve listed above. The majority of the texts are professional or scientific (30%). The national median wage for translators is $46,120.


Web Developer

Web developers actually earn good money, working freelance. If you know how to code you can start earning a good steady income right from your bed. The biggest challenge, however,is the need to promote your own work online. Gather your portfolio before you can start looking for the offers. The median wage for web developers is $66,130.


Overall, there are many jobs where you can work from home. Nowadays, with the development of the internet having a job doesn’t necessarily mean being in an office. Whether you are on maternity/paternity leave or just don’t want to leave your home in general, you are no more obligated to do so. Choose your area and discover your potential in working from home jobs.