Is this site legit? Desperate and dont want to waste time.

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Title: Is this site legit? Desperate and dont want to waste time.

Is there anyone that actually invests? I keep requesting info from volunteer investors and no one will respond to me. I'm just getting out of a 7 year marriage and am a single mom / domestic violence survivor and I'm just trying to get on my feet. I am in desperate need of funds and cannot financially withstand a scam.

Someone... anyone???

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Title: Support Team

With, this all depends on:
- How much traction your loan application will have among the investors
- The lifetime of the loan application you will set during the creation of the loan
- How soon you will decide to choose the right investor for yourself

Other factors can include, but not limited to:
- How fast will the investor respond
- How soon will you agree

But those factors are outside of our possible measurement, so we can't guarantee a fast/reliable contact with an investor.

Be careful with sending money transactions and sharing personal information.