Any REAL lenders/investors out there?

Have you ever had a successful transaction on this site?

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Title: Any REAL lenders/investors out there?

Are there any real lenders/investors that use this platform or is it all scammers? Feeling frustrated!

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Title: ITS A SCAM !!!!

PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE !! Nothing good will come from it !! BEWARE THE SCAMMERS !! 4out of 4 , in my own personal experience were very BAD,, SCAMS !!!!! This left me in a bigger jam than I've ever been in !! BEWARE OF DUSTIN AND CECILIA.... They stole from my bank account, abused my personal information and created many problems in my life. PLEASE.... IF YOU'RE IN NEED OF FINANCIAL HELP.... GO ELSEWHERE !!!!

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Title: Support Team

Please report them through our website. Our administration will take care of the rest. provides a platform that allows the user to discover and connect with other users to:
- Find financial support
- Find where they can invest money to individuals/companies

As mentioned in our Disclaimer at the bottom of our website:
"FinSocial does not issue loans and does not guarantee receipt of loans from other users. FinSocial does not act as an arbitrator in various disputes related to the credit and financial activities of users. All financial interactions between users of the FinSocial network are carried out exclusively by agreement between users. Please be careful when transfer money or transmitting personal information about yourself of other users!"