You can get a loan even if you unemployed, student, pensioner, non-resident.


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Our capabilities:

  • Free Loans with a Rate from 0%

  • For unemployed, pensioners, students

  • Cash Loans and Credit Card Loans

  • Free Loans for Paying Bills, Debt, Rent

  • Finance for Bad Credit

  • Bitcoin Loans, BTC Lending

At the FinSocial platform interest rates can be set up by an lender but also by a borrower too. A borrower can offer his terms of the loan he wants to receive and lender can raise the rate if he thinks its necessary. Also interest rates can be lowered if the project of the borrower causes great interest from a few lenders. No matter what would be the final rate - the profitability for an lender is much more higher than if just to deposit money in the bank.

P2P Loans is a new way to borrow, attractive as never before. FinSocial is different from getting a loan from a bank, as both parties borrowers and lender work directly with each other. This way all third parties and their interest cuts are excluded from the exchange and this helps to get better deposit rates for an lender and borrow with low interests than from bank.